Learning Nubian With Nabras Nubian Numbers

Nabras Nubian Numbers

Nubian Heritage

One of the most important steps in the preservation of any culture is language. Hard at work in raising awareness about Nubian heritage and culture, Ramey Dawoud recently wrote a book teaching Nobiin. Nobiin, belongs to the family of Nubian languages and is spoken in Southern Egypt and Northern Sudan.

Nabras Numbers

Nabras Numbers, written by Ramey Dawoud and illustrated by Hatim Eugayl is slowly changing narratives.

The children’s book is an excellent way to teach Nobiin to children and adults a like, how to count. By shedding light on traditions of Nubian heritage, it gives the reader a more representative idea of practices that have not been visible in mainstream children’s books in Sudan and Egypt.



Counting made fun!

Nabras Numbers is a picture book, that teaches counting from one to ten.

It started as part of the Geri, Fai, Omir (Read, Write, Count in Nobiin) campaign in which Ramey collaborated with other activists to increase attention of the preservation of Nubian languages and literacy, through writing more books. They crowdfunded through Kickstarter and were able to get this project going!



First Edition

Joining hands with Taras Press, Ramey and Hatim celebrated the first Nabras Nubian Numbers in 2021, in both Nobiin and English! With an illustrative alphabet chart, the book is a perfect way for those for people to pick up and start learning!


Nabras Nubian Numbers in Arabic!

Now, more exciting news! The book is now also in Nobiin- Arabic, as well as Andaandi-Mattokki to allow more people to learn about Nubian culture and how to count in Nubian!

The book has been made available online for download – be sure to read here!




What an excellent book and dedication to the cause of Nubian Heritage and cultural preservation. This book is surely paving the way to an increased access of the Nubian languages that many people may not be able to learn otherwise. Hats off to all those who worked hard in making this happen and be sure to read the book – in the version that suits you best!


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