7 Must-Read Sudanese Books For Your 2024 Reading List


Embark on a literary journey through Sudan with a curated list of seven captivating books that offer a glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry of our African nation!

From contemporary narratives to timeless classics, these works by Sudanese authors promise to enrich your reading experience and broaden your perspective.

Keep reading for Lovin Khartoum‘s seven Sudanese book recommendations to add to your reading list this year!


7. The Jungo, Stakes of the Earth by Abdel Aziz Baraka Sakin

Also available in English thanks to Adil Babikir’s translations, this book offers fascinating insights into the daily lives and complex humanity of marginalised Sudanese people.

6. River Spirit by Leila Aboulela

Set in late 1900s Khartoum, this novel revolves around a self-proclaimed Messiah, the False Mahdi, whose declaration disrupts lives and exposes societal tensions. Leila Aboulela’s narrative follows orphaned siblings Akuany and Bol, taken in by Yaseen, a young trader.

5. The Drowning by Hammour Ziada

Translated to English by Paul G. Starkey, this book takes scene in the aftermath of a 1968 military coup in Khartoum, as the town of Hajar Narti faces an uncertain future as residents grapple with political upheaval.


4. Thirteen Months of Sunrise by Rania Mamoun

In this book, Rania seamlessly blends real and imagined experiences, offering a portrayal of human emotions. From heartbreaking encounters with loves to unexpected friendships, Thirteen Months of Sunrise is a story that illuminates the breadth of human experience.

It’s also available in English thanks to Elisabeth Jaquette’s translations!


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3. Ghost Season by Fatin Abbas

A read that everyone should have on their shelves!

Ths novel connects the lives of five characters entangled in the tumult of conflict on the Sudanese border. The compelling narratives of each of the characters explores each of their experiences against the backdrop of a territorially fractured Sudan.



2. Edo’s Souls by Stella Gaitano

A historical novel that explores post-colonial Sudan and the impact of the country’s partition in 2011.

This read has been awarded the PEN Translates prize in 2020 and translated by Sawad Hussain, has served as a powerful exploration of Sudan’s complex history and establishes Gaitano as a compelling voice in fiction!

1. Seasons of Migration to the North by Tayeb Salih

A classic in Sudanese literature – if you didn’t know, now you will!

A timeless work that explores themes of identity, colonialism, and cultural clash, this novel remains to be a timeless addition to ANYONE’s reading list, offering a profound insight into human conditions.



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Dive into the literary treasures of Sudan with these seven remarkable books. Whether you’re interested in contemporary fiction, short stories, or classic novels, discover the works of these Sudanese writers that continue to resonate across cultures and borders! 

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