These Images Show A Closer Look At The Tragic Use of Arson In Sudan’s Ongoing War


The violence has plagued Sudan now for over a year, causing millions to lose their homes, attempt to flee to safety, and suffer various human right atrocities as they continue to naviagte the ongoing conflict that continues to take place across the country.

Since the eruption of the violence, arson has been used as a tool of conflict, and communities across Sudan have suffered the consequences.

A destructive tactic


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Benjamin Strick and his team have been looking into the damage

An Investigation Director at the Center for Information Resilience, Benjamin has taken lead to shed light on the tragic reality by tracking and documenting incidents with the use of interactive maps, showing a comprehensive overview of the scale and impact of these devastating fires.


For the majority of last year, Google Earth was unable to share updated live satellite images of Sudan

The last capture dated to the beginning of the conflict, on April 15, 2023.


Before and after pictures show a grim example of the damage

In South Darfur, villages have been ravaged by flames amidst violence between the two armies. The photos below reveal the reality of the destruction of these communities.

This image shows the area around El Geneina’s Specialised Hospital in April 2023


And this shows it after, captured in March 2024


Flames continue to engulf communities across Sudan and South Sudan

Beyond awareness, concerted efforts are needed from international communities to help stop the violence and bring stability back to the country.



Special thanks to the tireless efforts of researchers like Benjamin, and home-grown organisations that have helped share valuable insights into the scope and severity of the crisis. Stand in solidarity with the people of Sudan!

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