Bank of Khartoum Is Set To Return Operations to Omdurman Despite Challenges


Having served the country for over 100 years with their services, Bank of Khartoum, Sudan’s largest bank, is making a significant move by reopening its operations in Omdurman, the country’s second most populous city.

Two branches will reopen

Set to begin operations on March 6, branches in Alhattana and Al Thawra will be ready to open once again to the public.


Providing accessible financial services

Reflecting the bank’s commitment to serving the community by working on providing accessible financial services, Bank of Khartoum has played a vital role in facilitating money transfers within and outside Sudan, especially during the conflict times.

Bankak, their dedicated e-banking app, is the sole e-banking option currently available throughout the country.


Overcoming the challenges

Having suffered from looting and losses since April 15 that have amounted to over $100 million during the war, Bank of Khartoum is still showing resilience. Despite having placed over 1,000 employees on unpaid leave earlier this year, the bank continues to be determined to rebuild, and continue serving their customers.


Looking ahead

The reopening of two branches in Omdurman signals a positive step forward, and is definitely a glimmer of hope for those who are suffering greatly from the financial instability that this war has caused.

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