Sudan’s Shining Star: Tasabih Diab’s Sparkling Journey As The First Sudanese Miss Global Contestant


In a historic moment for Sudan, the stunning Tasabih Diab has been making waves at the Miss Global 2023 competition, showcasing the beauty, grace, and resilience of the Sudanese spirit. As the competition reaches its final stages and comes to an end, Tasabih stands out as a proud representative, captivating hearts on the global stage

The Semi-Final night was everything!

@lovinkhartoum KANDAKA 👑 @tasabihdiab showed out in a beautiful Sudanese toub at the @missglobalofficial finals right before coronation night ❤️ The crowds LOVED her outfit 😍 She’s already made it to the Top 25 finalists so we’re wishing her the best of luck! 🤞🏽 #lovinkhartoum #lovinsudan #sudan #mysudan #sudanese #missglobal2024 #missglobalsudan #tasabihdiab ♬ original sound – Lovin Khartoum

Set against the picturesque backdrop in Vietnam, the semi-final was nothing short of spectacular. Tasabih Diab’s journey has led her to this grand stage, where she stands tall among the top three wild cards, vying for a spot in the Miss Global 2023 finals.

We were so excited to see her make it to the finals!

Miss Global Sudan hit the Top 12 after crowds were patiently waiting for the announcements to drop. In a touching speech, Tasabih spoke her heart, discussing breaking chains, and always trusting in God’s timing.

At first, everyone was confused as to why Tasabih didn’t make the Top 20 announcement, but it was actually because Miss Global Sudan was crowned something far much better…

Congratulations to Tasabih and the ENTIRE Sudanese community! Tasabih was crowned as the Queen with the MOST ONLINE VOTES RECEIVED! Now this is how the our communities really came out to support!

This is just the beginning for this fabulous winner!

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