Tom Perriello Has Been Named As The U.S Special Envoy To Sudan


Amidst Sudan’s current turmoil and ongoing war, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has just appointed Tom Perriello as the new special envoy for Sudan.

Perriello, a former Democratic Congressman with State Department experience in Africa, will lead efforts to end the conflict, secure humanitarian acces, and support the Sudanese people in their pursuit of freedom, peace and justice.


Tom expressed his gratitude for the role, and emphasised the urgency highlighted by President Biden and Secretary Blinken in addressing the war’s atrocities.



The current conflict in Sudan is nearing a full year since it’s start, and continues to inflict grave violations and abuses committed by both sides, resulting in significant casualties and displacements across Sudan.


Despite various mediation attempts and temporary ceasefires, the conflict continues.

Users across social media have responded to the new role, sharing their advice and opinion to Perriello, as he steps into his latest responsibilities.



Perriello has also served as special envoy for the Great Lakes region of Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Official statement from The Center of American Progress quoted “Tom has extensive experience working on conflict resolution & demoncratic transitions on the continent and other regions. He is a leader who has helped launch & lead many nonprofits, promoting inventive ideas & working for human rights, poverty reduction, and sustainability.” 



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