Layali Dehrab’s Sister Is Supporting Kauthar Albaloushi and It Is Causing A Buzz

Aya Elgohary

The Kuwaiti theater scene is buzzing with drama, and not just on stage. Layali Dehrab’s sister, Asrar, recently stirred the pot by posting Instagram stories showing love and support for Kauthar Albaloushi. Kawthar stepped into Layali’s role in the popular play “Made in Kuwait,” which began during Eid Al-Fitr and is still ongoing.

In the stories, Kauthar was seen performing Layali’s previous role, with Asrar praising her performance and expressing admiration. However, this public show of support didn’t sit well with everyone. Fans were quick to react, with many criticizing Asrar for supporting someone they see as Layali’s ‘enemy.’

The backlash isn’t new. Back in April, when the cast change first happened, fans were upset about Layali being replaced. The controversy reignited with Asrar’s recent stories, as some fans felt betrayed by her support for Kauthar.


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Despite the drama, “Made in Kuwait” continues to draw audiences, with Kauthar Albaloushi now in the spotlight. The play’s success highlights the resilience of its cast and crew amid the off-stage controversies.



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