Giant AED229 AirPods Delivered To A Dubai Woman Proves Some Deals Are Too Good To Be True


Giant AED229 AirPods Delivered To A Dubai Woman Proves Some Deals ARE Too Good To Be True

A Dubai shopper was in for a BIG surprised when the AirPods she bought on Amazon were not even close to the real thing.

Twitter user @Al333zay paid AED229 for a pair of AirPods back in March, the luxury noise-cancelling headphones usually cost between AED700 and AED10o0, so it’s no surprise the product didn’t match the real deal. Zay shared the story to Twitter and the internet is shook at the size of these things.

The story has racked up over 384k likes on Twitter

“So today I received an order from Amazon…”

Zay likened the mammoth pods to an eardryer

Many are confused, suggesting the pic is fake, while others hope the shopper will ‘grow into them’

Another explanation…

These look like they were made with a very specific customer in mind

Moral of the story? If the deal looks too good to be true… it probably is

Always check the reviews and know what price you should expect to pay.

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Promising review:

‘All the features, none of the noise’

“I have been using the Airpods (Gen 1) for better part of two years and never felt the need to upgrade to Gen 2. The pro ones, however, are a different beast. The feature packed earphones are a huge step up from the normal airpods and I can’t recommend these enough. The noise cancellation feature, although not as efficient as the over ear headphones or even maybe WF1000XM3 are still brilliant in their execution. You dont feel the cabin pressure and the ANC feels organic. Sound quality is better than the OG airpods and ANC makes the experience better but again these are not going to be the industry leaders for sound quality. The call quality was good and similar to the airpods normal version. Transparency mode is basically having a microphone attached to your earphones for hearing your surroundings even more clearly. I dont find much use for that mode but maybe cyclists and runners will appreciate this option to steer clear of people and vehicles.

All in all, a great product and must buy if you want a set of earphones for your iphone which are wireless and offer ANC support. If listening to music is your only preference then I suggest the Sony WF1000XM3 ANC earphones.”

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