Interior Minister Apprehends Building Owner After Massive Fire Claims Many Lives In Mangaf


Minister Of Interior Apprehends Owner And Building Manager After Massive Fire

In a tragic accident, more than 41 residents have died and more than 40 have been injured in a fire that broke out in a 6-storeyed building in Mangaf, an area located in Kuwait’s Ahmedi governorate. 

Reports have shown that the 6-storeyed building had more than 160 people living in it who are workers of the same company. Many workers staying there were reportedly Indians.

The area is known to be heavily populated by foreign workers, However, the Ministry of Health announced that there was no immediate information on the nationality of the casualties.

فاجعة تضرب الكويت.. مصرع 39 شخصا وإصابة العشرات جراء حريق ضخم بمبنيين سكنيين بمنطقة “المنقف” جنوبي البلاد | رأي اليوم

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Initial investigation found that 10 of the deceased were Indian, and 5 were from Malaysia.

Deputy Prime Minister Sheikh Fahad al-Yousuf al-Sabah rushed to the scene of the incident and ordered the arrest of the building’s owner, and manager.

In a statement, Fahad who also runs the interior and defense ministries said: “Unfortunately, the greed of real estate owners is what leads to these incidents,”

He also explained that preliminary investigations found the reason to be poor storage of gas cylinders and that the high death toll was caused by the cramming of a large number of residents in one place.

A senior police commander told the state TV “Dozens were rescued, but unfortunately, there were many deaths as a result of inhaling smoke from the fire,”

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