Lahori Furniture Pieces You Must Buy!


Decorating your house has never been easier. Rather it’s difficult with all these furniture options! Today we have so many brands to choose from that a person just gets confused. Because interior designing isn’t easy. You have to have the right pieces which would all come together and form a blend that is interesting.

But we’re introducing a brand that will grab your attention and make you want to just immediately take your wallet out!

Artables Furniture. Introducing the most unique yet tasteful designs!

Now, these guys pride themselves on making the most unique furniture pieces. But you know what we love about them? It’s absolutely SO LAHORI!

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That’s definitely what you want!

Intriguing isn’t it? Your mind must be questioning: how can furniture be Lahori? Is it a Mughal-era design or some antique design that goes with the taste of the city? Well, think again. You’ll be able to visualize the taste when you see these furniture pieces!

Cricket Stadium Table! That is CRAZY!

A unique table designed for all the cricket junkies out there. This table is a depiction of a cricket stadium with the stadium seating on the side. The top of the table has the design of a cricket pitch with all the fielding positions explained in detail. The table is covered with a glass top and a base of three legs that represent the three wickets in a match of cricket.


If you thought this is the only piece we were talking about. Well, wait. There’s more!

Radio Table Wood Top. You GOTTA get your hands on this one!

Bringing the retro-style radio back in the 21st century! A perfect fixture if you’re looking for something fun to add to your home décor. This gorgeously looking solid wood structure comes in the color soft black and is designed with metal antique boots, knobs, and a blue tuning dial giving a real depiction of a look-alike radio. This piece will definitely make a statement leaving all your friends asking Where did you get this table from? For its décor and placement, have it placed anywhere you like! Home library, personal office, study, game room as well as your home theatre. To make it look fancier, accessorize it with a bunch of books, bud vases, or even some mini antiques.

Doesn’t this take you back to the 80s? Oh, how we love that era. This looks absolutely STUNNING!

Map Table of Androon Lahore! WE ARE LOVIN THISS!

If you are a history aficionado, then this is a table you need to have. It beautifully captivates the architectural uniqueness of Lahore through old Lahore’s 12 gates. It breathes a glimpse of Lahore’s architectural landscape and transports you into the Mughal Era. And that’s not all, it has a graphic map of Androon Lahore engraved with a writeup with a glass on top of the table. Think of it as a portable version or a bit of a museum. A unique fixture for your drawing room, basement or office space.

All of these are SO tasteful and MUST-get pieces! Combined in different areas of the house, they’ll have your house looking UNREAL!

There are more furniture pieces which are in store. You gotta go see them yourself and we guarantee that you’ll go BONKERS!

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