Great Steaks? Bovinoes Steak House Is The Place To Go

Great Steaks? Bovinoes Steak House Is The Place To Go

If you’re in Lahore and you’re looking to get a Steak there are many places to go to. But one place which you’ll always hear a Lahori talk about is Bovinoes Steak House.

This fine dining place offers a prestigious ambiance and gives food that one wants to devour like an animal!

When it comes to steaks, everyone’s particular. Well, REAL steak lovers are. Authentic steak is beef steak, NOT chicken like some ‘burgers’ would like to have. Thats where bovinoes comes in, serving you some of the best steaks in the country.

Look at these THICK & JUICY Steaks!

These Are Absolutely Mouth Watering!!

When you walk into Bovinoes, you feel the warmth and coziness and at the same time, the luxury of feeling like you’ve just been gifted a Rolex and made to sit in the back of a Rolls Royce. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? When it feels like that too.

NOW you must be able to relate. Comfort & Luxury right?

There are so many options to choose from, the kinds of steaks and the kinds of sauces they have. The waiter comes and patiently takes your order as you decide what you want to have. You’ll take your time when you get there because everything is just SO GOOD! Everyone wants their steak cooked at different levels and they can give you exactly how you like it; Well done, medium, rare, you name it.

Is your stomach churning yet?

They have more than just steaks. Yes, chicken lovers, you can have your taste buds satisfied here as well. Don’t you worry, their Portuguese chicken is a MUST have

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