The Nishat Hotel – A Luxury

The Nishat Hotel – A Luxury

The Nishat Hotel is as fancy as things get. The name has matured to become synonymous with luxury and all things which are posh. If you’re traveling to Lahore and are packing good bucks in your wallet, you HAVE to stay here. You’ll forget about the comfort of your own home when you experience the Nishat hotel.

The hotel has been in Lahore since 2014 and excitingly it’s called the country’s first boutique hotel that caters to a clientele that wants personalized service.

Crash Course Time: A boutique hotel is different as it focuses more on food, décor & personalized service.

Entering the hotel, you immediately are taken aback by its size of it. As you enter and walk the hallways which could fit an elephant in between them, you can feel the grand ambiance they’ve tried to create. Lahore fort has huge steps so that elephants could walk over them, likewise, they’ve made the hallways so that you can feel the grandiose as well.

The material and furniture used are the full-on contemporary style with a minimalistic taste and extravagant feel.

Your own private butler! Can you believe that?

They say they’ve created luxury and comfort for you, and that is absolutely what the experience is like. A private butler is assigned to you who looks after all your requirements round the clock.

Hotel Business Affairs

If you’re coming in for a business affair or need to host a meeting or maybe even a convention. You can do that, that too in style at the Nishat. They offer board rooms and conference halls. With their highly trained staff, you know you’re going to ace that event and dazzle everyone.

Hotel Culinary Affairs

The Bistro Lahore

This is one of their signature restaurants which serves world-class food and traditional Asian and pan Asian dishes. Apart from the food, the restaurant is chic and glamorous in its own standing. Looking for a fancy place to go to, this is it.

La Cucina

One of the most authentic Italian restaurants in Lahore. You don’t know food if you don’t know Italian food. And their Italian dishes are flushed with unique blends of flavors and secret ingredients. You’ve seen eat, pray, and love haven’t you? You have to try their Italian food to fall in love with yourself.

All in all, the Nishat is an experience in itself in Lahore that you must have a feel for. From business to private, to food to weddings and everything, this Hotel has it all. You MUST experience it

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