A Reasonable Burger Joint: Daily Deli Co is your place to go


Though Lahore isn’t a town of Burger people, but this town loves its burgers. The juicer the better and the more economical the merrier!

We Lahori’s just can’t get enough of burgers. With so many options to choose from, we thought we’d talk about one which doesn’t empty your pockets and is a good value for money, of course so you can have more. Because just like Patrick the Starfish, Lahoris love their burgers.

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Daily Deli & Co has you covered with their collection of Original burgers where you’ll get your stomach filled in as little as Rs 500! Yes, you heard it right. Its 2022 and you can count on them to fill you up with this amount.

If you’re looking for a plate of fires and a drink to wash down your meal with, you can make it a meal in just an extra Rs 140. If you are more of a shake person, they have that option as well.

Their Milkshakes definitely does bring all the boys to the yard.

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Want your Stomach stuffed? We Got you!

If you’re a pure Lahori, that means standard burger sizes doesn’t do anything for you and you always, always have to keep it up a notch. For that, you can try out their premium burgers with the most expensive and stuffy Triple Dose with 3 patties costing you just Rs740! We dare you to finish that one in one sitting! If you do, you’d be as stuffed as Garfield.

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You can find them at the following locations in Lahore:

  • Johar Town
  • DHA Phase 4
  • Model Town
  • Lake City

Its the perfect place to take your friends who have been nagging you since a very long time to give them a treat for so many things which are due. One trip to Daily Deli & Co, and you’re good to go!


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