Top Notch, a Top Notch Restaurant

Top Notch, a Top Notch Restaurant

A Top Notch Restaurant

If you want to divulge into glamour and elegance, Top Notch is the right place for you. The name says it all, it really is TOP NOTCH.



What is so Top Notch About it?

Top Notch is located right next to Jinnah Polo and Country Club, and according to them: “We are the first-ever organic inspired fine dine restaurant of Pakistan, growing the finest ingredients in our own kitchen garden on-site”

That really is something. Eating healthy and eating fresh. Ingredients grown in your own garden always taste better. They still have life in them. Unlike the frozen food that we get ,which to be honest doesn’t really give the same kick as a fresh one does.

The restaurant is set up with a lake view sitting which provides a serene environment to spend your evening. You can sit in a lovely and relaxing environment as great care has been taken to create the magic of tranquility and serenity by keeping intact mother nature as much as possible.

The restaurant’s master chef has 13 years of delivering excellent and delicious international dishes. According to them, “He lives and breathes food and ensures the processes ingredients and dishes are always of the best quality.”

The whole experience of the area is mesmerizing. It’s absolutely the perfect place to take your loved one as you’ll enjoy the ambiance, the environment, the service, and the food.

The menu covers the following heads:

You can get an idea of how fancy their food would be if you want to check out the detailed menu.

Go check out what you’re missing on and why we’re ranting about how amazing this place is yourself by looking at this video

The word is ‘Glamorous’



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