Winter is Coming! Make Your Garden Brighter With These Flowers!


Winters are coming and people with a green thumb don’t take that as an excuse to pause their gardening. When you’re OBSESSED with gardening, you simply can’t take a break. We know, we know, winters aren’t going to be anything like the peak floral season of spring. But with a different season comes different flowers. This should actually just be an excuse to grow flowers that foster and thrive in winters!

Flowers in winter are a pretty tricky business. The night frost is like a death blanket for flowers. But with particular care and the necessary nourishing, you will be able to blossom these flowers and hop around your flowers like the plant lover you are!

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Check out these 3 winter flowers that BLOSSOM in winter!

Calendulas (Calendula officinalis)

These daisy-like calendulas will thrive in your garden and provide the necessary color burst you want in your garden. You can choose classic orange and bright yellow, or opt for subtler shades of apricot, cream, and soft yellow.

The Calendulas need to be in full sunshine and take a moderate amount of water. Lahori soil is already fertile so you don’t have to worry about what ground you’ll put them in. However, a little fertilizer goes a long way. If you want to prolong the bloom, just keep removing the spent flowers as they come.

Calendula officinalis (Pot Marigold) | World of Flowering Plants


This plant is nowhere near the name itself. It isn’t a pansy but a panther that thrives in winter. This plan is a favorite of us green thumbs and comes in various shades, making the garden POP!

Shades of blue, yellow, pink, and even blue. You could either pour all the seeds randomly to get a tooty fruity mix in your garden or carefully place all the like colors together. They also come in single-shade colors if you’re more of a pastel kind of a person.

Ultimate Guide to Pansy Flower Meaning & Symbolism - Petal Republic

English Primrose

Most Primrose bloom in spring or summer, but English Primrose is an excellent choice for winter color. These circular flowers come together in a bunch making little bundles of bouquets which are absolutely ADORABLE!

These flowers come in different colors, which again gives you a chance to choose what you want your garden to look like. A mix of vanilla, your choice.

Primula vulgaris (Primrose)

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