A MUST check out standup comedy event at COLABS!

A MUST check out standup comedy event at COLABS!

Post Eid Laughs!

Lahoris love laughing and stand-up comedy has been taking Lahore by storm. Laughter is the best medicine, especially when you couple it up with Lahoris going at each other.

A stand-up comedy event is about to take place and you HAVE to be there!

The laugh-out Lounge, Pakistan’s first-ever comedy club, is hosting its next show in Lahore. Where and when in Lahore do you ask? We’ll tell you.

The event is taking place at COLABS, a company offering flexible working spaces. They also host many networking events and this has probably got to be one of the most FUN to be at. We’re sure EVERYONE is as excited about it as Stewie right now.

Stand-up comedy events offer a change of taste for everyone from their daily routines. You could always go watch a movie in the cinema or go out to eat. Things Lahoris LOVE to do. But being at an interactive stand-up show is something that you’d definitely remember and want to come back for again.

Doesn’t that look FUN?!

Laughter becomes a recharger and booster when you’re with your friends having a great time.

Chances are that if you’re in the first few rows, the comedian will take a spin at you for probably your hairstyle, outfit, or even your date! So get comfortable in getting uncomfortable. It’s all about the mindset, you should laugh along and have a great time.

Tickets: https://ticketwala.pk/event/post-eid-laugh

TRUST us, you DON’T want to miss out on the opportunity to laugh out loud and live a little. Here’s the lineup for the comedy night:

BE there to enjoy some hilarious performances.

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