An Emirati Woman Finally Found Her Long-Lost Mother In India After Being Separated For 36 Years


An Emirati woman’s quest to find her long-lost mother finally came to an end, 36 years after being separated, and in India. Local 3ameed News shared the story of Mariam Abdul Rahman Al Shehi, a 36-year-old Emirati who decided to travel to India to find her mother, whom she has never met since her parents’ marriage ended in a sudden divorce in the ’80s.

The Ras Al Khaimah native was raised by her father all those years, following her mother’s departure to India- which led to her ‘Journey of Hope. Following the recent death of Mariam’s father, she sought out in search for her mother, by publishing a statement through local Indian newspapers to help her.

Mariam found her mother after sharing the story with Indian newspapers

Shortly after she shared images and details of her mother to local newspapers, some women were able to identify her mother.

This real-life modern fairytale ended when she finally found her mother, and a sister of whom she never met.

(No we’re not crying, you are…)


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