Casey Neistat Just Found Out There Is A ‘Dubai Star’ Named After Him


Renowned YouTube personality, filmmaker and vlogger, Casey Neistat, JUST discovered his very own Dubai Star at the Walk of Fame and his fans were a bag of mixed emotions.

In a recent Twitter post, the American YouTuber shared his confusion upon seeing his name somewhere in Dubai and asked netizens to impart their knowledge on the matter.

A friend has sent Neistat the picture of his name in a Dubai Star prompting the YouTuber to his curiosity



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It all started with a single tweet…

Neistat took to his 2.1 million Twitter followers to ask what the ‘star’ was for.

To which, his loyal following responded…

After a couple hundred followers tried to guess, suggest it was photoshopped and explained the tribute behind the Dubai Star…

After he figured it out, Neistat wondered how it took place without him knowing…

…but ultimately admitted to not caring because (and we quote) “This is SO cool”

It is, Casey, it is indeed.

The Dubai Star was done in order to commemorate personalities in their respective creative fields who have inspired or positively-influenced the world.



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