A Dubai Man Goes Fishing From His Balcony During Isolation


Making the most of isolation, a Dubai resident managed to successfully fish from his balcony.

A keen fisherman, Philip Du Plessis tried fishing from his balcony and was astonished to catch a bream in just five minutes.

After eleven days of self-isolation, boredom lead Philip to bust out his fishing rod and cast a line from his balcony at the end of March.

After dinner one evening he said he knew there was a reason he chose to live there and that after just two attempts, he was reeling in a bream.

Mission accomplished: Philip shared the video to YouTube

Philip said he was losing his mind not being able to fish on the 11th day of lockdown

“Day 11 of lockdown & I was loosing my mind not being able to fish. Then I suddenly realized after a bottle of (vino) over a lovely dinner that I knew there was an inherent reason for choosing to live here…
Mission accomplished with this balcony bream on the 2nd cast
Thank you Veriza Du Plessis for keeping me sane & for the pics, vids & above all the good times and laughs during these tough times”

The YouTube community was full of praise

Inspired? Try fishing indoors

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