COVID-19: Dubai Police To Start Checking Your Temperature With Smart Glasses


COVID-19: Dubai Police To Start Checking Your Temperature With Smart Glasses

Jumping on the new high-tech bandwagon once again, the Dubai Police have announced that they will be the first in the region to start using smart glasses, ‘Rokid T1’, in a bid to combat the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UAE.

Combining thermal cameras and infrared rays with Artificial Intelligence, these smart glasses were developed to help detect those individuals with high temperatures, who may be infected with COVID-19.

These glasses will mainly be used by the authorities to scan people in public areas and transport stops, as a means to ensure the safety of all residents.

These innovative AI-powered glasses will also help authorities prevent the spread of other future pandemics as well.

The smart glasses can ALSO identify faces and sends related info about the person to the operation room…

Noting that, the smart glasses, ‘Rokid T1’, can detect the body temperature of people from a distance of 2-metres and can also measure the temps of 100 people at once. Once a person with high temperature has been detected, the glasses send a notification alerting the police.

These smart glasses will be employed mostly in metro stations and bus stops to run a temperature check of all commuting passengers

If you’re feeling under the weather, check your temperature beforehand to avoid unwanted trouble when commuting!

If your temp is above 98.6 F or 37 C, please take care of yourself and stay at home.

You can purchase a non-contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer from Amazon for AED 112.09.

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