883 New Cases: The High % Of New Infections Is Due To People Gathering In Groups


On Wednesday, 883 new COVID-19 cases were announced, taking the total number of infections to 31,969. 389 patients have recovered and 2 more deaths take the total number of deaths to 255. 

Gradually returning to the new normal

Dr. Amna Al Dahak Al Shamsi, a representative for the UAE government, spoke at a media briefing yesterday and asked about the return of normal life she said that initiatives like the National Disinfection Programme, conducting more tests and screening options and a health system that works round the clock to maintain public health and safety means the country can gradually return to normal.

She also stressed that resuming economic activity is important to the country’s continued development, and to support the national economy, but this does NOT mean that precautionary measures will be lifted. All citizens and residents are still required to undertake all possible measures to reduce the spread of the virus such as wearing face masks, washing hands, and practising social distancing.

People are urged to avoid gatherings

She also noted that recently, a number of infections occurred in some families due to gatherings, along with certain violations of precautionary measures by workers, and has urged everyone to avoid gatherings and crowded places, practice social distancing, and regularly wash your hands.

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