New Pandemic Protocols Have Been Announced For All UAE Schools


A new document for safety requirements for all schools has been released, stating schools WILL close if COVID cases reach extreme numbers.

It outlines the level of risk for public, private and higher education, the checklists for reopening, main roles and responsibilities for educational facilities and how to plan for when positive cases are discovered in educational establishments.

Depending on the level of risk, schools will operate at various capacities, from low risk and moderate risk, to high risk and extreme risk

Main risks to consider?

  • The spread of the virus among students in the classroom and the common areas.
  • The spread of the virus to large crowds in confined spaces, including canteen areas, assessment areas, entrance and exit points in the educational establishments that cause crowds as a result of additional safety controls, such as temperature checks at the entrances of educational establishments.
  • The spread of the virus among workers in rooms that are shared for long periods of time. | Teachers and students at high risk, such as those with chronic medical conditions, as well as pregnant teachers.
  • The transmission of the virus through food suppliers due to the use of external sources and other contractors, which leads to a higher risk of infection.

See the full report here

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