Easily Get These 3 Face Masks Online If They’re Sold Out Everywhere Else


The UAE Attorney General released a resolution following the cabinet decision last week to deter the spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

In the list of sanctions, it has been made COMPULSORY for individuals suffering from chronic diseases, and those showing cold and flu symptoms, to wear medical MASKS indoors and when using public transportation or else they can be fined with AED1,000.

Hence, with many of the pharmacies around the UAE being sold out of medical masks and N95s, we have rounded up three mask options from Amazon. These effective masks will save you from an avoidable fine, plus keep those around you and yourself safe from contracting or spreading any kind of infection.

3. This pack of 50 breathable and disposable medical masks come with three layers of protection against the harmful bacteria and dust in the air

Buy the pack of 50 masks from Amazon for AED 98.50 (down from AED 151.49).

2. Or you can get 20 pieces of the highly-recommended and super-efficient N95 face masks that can effectively filter more than 95% of fine particles contaminating the air

Buy a pack of 20 from Amazon for AED 156.99.

1. The KN95 face mask comes with breath-valve filter design, an adjustable nose clip and with multi-layer protection!!

Buy a pack of 10 from Amazon for AED 118.90.


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