Schools In Abu Dhabi Will Reopen But All Students Must Wear Masks


ADEK, The Abu Dhabi Department of Knowledge and Education announced school campuses can reopen under strict guidelines.

To curb the spread of COVID-19, schools MUST ensure social distancing, there will be temperature checks for all staff and students before they enter school each day, children over six MUST wear masks, schools must be disinfected throughout the day and full distance learning schedules will not by permitted (unless there is a medical reason).

Parents will also receive info so they can fully understand the new guidelines which you can review and download here.

Schools have until July 30 to announce the reopening model they will follow, this will allow parents the time to decide where to enrol their children

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How will teachers and students tackle social distancing?

The DHA is reminding all Dubai citizens and returning residents to treat wearing a face mask at all times as the NEW normal!

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