In A Viral Video Turkish Chef Burak Ozdemir Shows Off His Impressive Chopping Hand


Turkish chef and social media sensation, Burak Özdemir, notorious for his gigantic sized portions of Middle Eastern Foods revealed to his tens of thousands of followers that he will be opening his newest branch right here in DUBAAAAIIIII!!

Burak Özdemir, AKA, Czn Burak thrives on cooking large-sized meals in front of the camera.

In the quirky video, the chef can be seen showing off his chopping skills whilst his staff were dancing in sync to a groovy Arabic number

With over 499.3K followers on Twitter and a whopping 17.7 MILLION followers on Instagram, this Turkish chef has, without a doubt, now become a global sensation.

The choreographed dance was impressive but thaaaat seamless chopping… even MORE!

The 26-year-old Turkey-based chef rose to fame on social media after 9GAG reshared his ‘giant-sized kebab’

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