UAE Dogs Have Been Trained To SNIFF Out COVID-19


More innovation!

The UAE has completed trials using K9 Police Dogs which will enable the dogs to detect COVID-19 cases.

The dogs are immediately able to detect suspected cases by sniffing sampling from people’s armpits… How incredible is that?! The UAE carried out field experiments at health facilities and results show the tests were 92% accurate.

The K9 police dogs are part of the UAE’s ongoing innovative efforts to curb the spread of Covid-19

The dogs do not need to come into contact with people, “samples are then sniffed out by the dogs without coming in contact with the persons, while results become known on the spot. K9 police dogs are also used traditionally in securing and monitoring events and sensitive facilities,” MoI said in a statement.


The dogs could be used at sites where we see crowds like malls and airports in future or used in police patrols and other vital facilities

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