Update: ALL Passengers Must Provide A Negative COVID Test Before Travelling To Dubai


At The UAE Government media briefing last night, The NCEMA issued an update confirming that airlines are obliged to ensure passengers (citizens, residents, tourists and transit) from all countries have a negative COVID-19 test result before travel which has been issued from an accredited lab and that is not more than 96 hours old.

You can find the accredited labs at screening.purehealth.ae.

UPDATE: Authorities confirmed this rule comes into effect from August 1.

UPDATE: The period of validity has been revised. The NCEMA tweeted that tests now have a period of validity of 96 hours, rather than the 72 hours announced earlier

Not all counties have UAE accredited labs, in that case, here’s what to do

If the country you’re travelling from does not have an accredited lab featured on the website below, the NCEMA stated airlines should coordinate with residents wishing to return so they can show negative PCR results from a centre approved in these countries, which has been taken no more than 96 hours previous.

It is not clear is this rule also applies to tourists and transit passengers.

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The DHA is reminding all Dubai citizens and returning residents to treat wearing a face mask at all times as the NEW normal

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