A Delivery Driver In Dubai Saved A Little Birdie’s Life


Vulnerable, possibly flightless and on the road. It’s a tough spot for a little birdie. Batman won’t get that signal. It’s all up to the community. How many times did you need to dodge an animal that was on a busy road? It’s safe to say, many. Unfortunately some don’t cross the roads safely.

A couple of months back, a resident spotted a bird that was also unable to fly and called Dubai Municipality to save the bird. She retold the story in a tweet, giving credit where credit is due, which got a response from Dubai’s Ruler.

A Talabat driver halted at a bus stop when he found a pigeon unable to fly away

Faith in humanity has been restored when a selfless act by this driver caught our attention this morning. Someone in the area noticed and shared his little heroic act.

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The Talabat driver parked his motorcycle at a bus stop in Tecom when he noticed a pigeon was on the road. It seemed like it was trying to get up on the sidewalk but was unable to.

Worried that the pigeon is likely to get railroaded if it stays on the street, the driver picked it up and took it far where cars can’t reach it

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