Clubhouse App Users In The UAE Are Reporting Bad Audio Quality


Clubhouse became a craze, globally and in the UAE. Meeting people, discussing topics and entertainment for hours, users of this app were not disappointed. That is until the audio quality has been deteriorating.

Switching to data instead of WiFi did not resolve the issue, so what could be causing the poor audio quality in the UAE? Users believe it’s blocked, taking to the socials to investigate further.

A UAE Clubhouse user reached out to The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) to find out if the app is banned, resulting in the poor audio quality

TRA replied and stated that it is not banned in the UAE

If the TRA reported the app is not banned, the reason for the bad audio quality is still unknown.

A Clubhouse user in the UAE took to Twitter to showcase how bad the audio actually is

Some believe that the issue stems from telecommunication service providers

A number of users said that using VPN helps in poor audio quality situations. You need an invite from an already existing user to start using the app. Someone in Marina was selling a Clubhouse entry for AED3,000 on Dubizzle!

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