Prayers In UAE Mosques This Ramadan Will Be Limited To 30 Minutes Only


A huge part of Ramadan is practicing the religious rituals, including prayers. During the holy month, worshippers are encouraged to pray in mosques for Isha and Tarawih. Those two prayers are practiced in after iftar and Tarawih is normally lengthy.

All the prayers carried out in mosques will be held according to COVID precautionary measures.

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Isha and Tarawih prayers will be limited to 30 minutes maximum in compliance with the COVID regulations

Women’s prayer areas will remain closed and religious lessons are still suspended

The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) stated that Mosques will close their doors immediately after prayers for safety reasons. Women’s prayer areas and other facilities for prayers will also remain closed.

As for religion lessons that are normally held in mosques, they will remain suspended.

Often times iftar meals are distributed within mosque walls, NCEMA stated that this practice will be prohibited this Ramadan.

Authorities will assess the status of the pandemic in the UAE and send updates regarding other practices

The Qiyam-ul-layl prayers are the most important during the final 10 days of Ramadan. Their practice will be assessed with the status level of the pandemic in the country to ensure public safety.

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