Visits And Distributing Meals This Ramadan Is Limited To Family Members Only In The UAE


Ramadan is a time where family and friends gather to break their fast. The holy month this year will be quite different than how it’s usually practiced due to the COVID precautionary measures.

While friends and family normally share dishes, break fast together in iftar tents and visit each other, this will not be the case this year.

Today’s COVID briefing revealed that only members of the same family and within the same home are permitted to share meals

The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) are urging the public to avoid gatherings during the month of Ramadan for safety reasons. In an effort to reduce public gatherings, iftar tents will not be part of this Ramadan month.

While it’s tradition to share meals with neighbors during the holy month, it is not allowed to happen this year. However, if you’re keen on providing meals, you must only do so in coordination with charities through donations and zakat, electronically.

Hosting family tents, sharing meals in public or distributing iftar meals in front of homes and mosques are not allowed this Ramadan

Restaurants are ONLY allowed to distribute meals to labour housing complexes via delivery

Restaurants often distribute iftar meals for the needy during Ramadan. This year, restaurants are prohibited from doing so inside or in front of the venue. They are however allowed to deliver only to labour housing complexes with direct coordination with the management of the labour housing.

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