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From A Fake Moon To Robot Dinosaurs: Here’s A List Of Outlandish Ideas That Have Been Proposed For NEOM

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NEOM is perhaps the biggest project to be ever taken up by any country in the Middle East. With a price tag of $500 billion, the world watches closely on NEOM as it is this city that is set to transform the Saudi tourism industry.

The city is set to be unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Arabian Business cited a document by consultancy firms Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey & Co. and Oliver Wyman that runs overs 2,300 pages that lists some truly wacky ideas. Here are some of them.

Flying Taxis

Yes, NEOM aims to be futuristic but isn’t this a bit too much?


Jurassic Park-Style Island

This island will supposedly have robotic dinosaurs


Glow In The Night Sand

Now, this is something that we’d be looking forward to


Artificial Moon

The plan is to basically have a large artificial moon that will light up the sky at night and have images beamed onto it


There are several other outlandish ideas like robotic maids and gene modification and stuff. We are not sure which of these will get to see the light of day but the consultants really are coming up with some pretty original ideas for NEOM.

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