Neom Unveiled The Most Unique Theatre Situated Right Inside A Mountain


NEOM is building a whole empire in the Kingdom with its huge inflow of projects. From The Line’s futuristic attributes, Sindalah’s amazing leisure attractions, and even Trojena’s gorgeous retreat facilities, NEOM really is taking over. They just recently announced a state of the art entertainment hub that is far from ordinary.

UTAMO is cocooned in a mountain creating the most gorgeous backdrop for events and exhibitions


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The unique venue has been designed to be a place where art and architecture blend harmoniously, providing visitors with a truly unique experience in the Gulf of Aqaba. Guests can arrive at the location with a large pathway garden, featuring over 50 species of shrubs, flowers, and hubs. The entrance itself will stand around 64-meters high, standing tall and broad ready to welcome its influx of visitors.

Utamo will host events with a performance space, VIP lounges, and signature restaurants


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Aside from the gorgeously unique design, the venue will also feature advanced audio-visual systems that will enhance the whole viewing experience for guests.


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