The First-Ever Desert Blaze Race Just Happened In AlUla And Prize Money Hit $30,000!


Saudi’s famous region of AlUla just hosted its first-ever ‘Desert Blaze’ race this past Saturday, and both the weather and competition got heated 🥵. The race welcomed contestants from all over the world to compete for endurance under the desert sun, for quite the money!

The race was actually first of its kind that stretched over a variety of different tracks, with hefty cash prizes!

Global contestants gathered at the site to run a 5, 10, 21, and even a 42-kilometre race, which qualifies as a FULL marathon! For the 10-km race, winners got to enjoy SAR 5,000 (1st place), SAR 3,000 (2nd place), and SAR 1,000 (3rd place). For the half-marathon (21-km race) winners got to take home SAR 10,000 (1st place), SAR 5,000 (2nd place), and SAR 2,000 (3rd place). The full marathon however granted winners big numbers like SAR 15,000 (1st place), SAR 10,000 (2nd place), and SAR 5,000 (3rd place)! Those are some BIG digits 🧐.

Contestants got to run along the scenic views of AlUla during the race

The race started at around 8am and ran through the day, ending at around 6pm. Due to the scorching summer heat, temperatures in AlUla easily hits the forties, testing runners to the MAX when it comes to endurance. From the rocky structures of the region, famous historical sites of Hegra, and even passing by the iconic Maraya Concert Hall, the runners definitely weren’t bored during their journey.

It was an epic event full of the best kind of energy!


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Aside from the hefty cash prizes, winners even got to enjoy unique prizes! 👀

Look at that HUGE medal! The gorgeous brass prize features all kinds of different spots around AlUla, making sure the winners get to take the memorable experience home.

All the winners were utterly grateful for the memorable experience, hoping for another round next year 🔥


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