Is PDA In The UAE Allowed? A Lawyer On TikTok Explains In A Viral Video


Is showing PDA allowed in the UAE? Apparently, this is a question many UAE residents and foreigners who wish to visit the country want to know.

A US qualified attorney, Ludmiya Yamalov, who is also based in Dubai summed up the answer in a short TikTok video.

Wether that’s holding hands, hugging and kissing- the people want to know where exactly the UAE laws stand in terms of displaying affection in public places.

Well, your curiousity is about to be cured


Watch Ludmiya Yamalov’s response to ‘Is PDA illegal in the UAE?’ …

Yamalov answers by saying that public display of affection (PDA) is, in fact, not illegal in the UAE. However, public display of affection that may be deemed either disgraceful or against public moral is against Article 58 of the UAE Penal Code.

Well, there you have it folk, basically… think twice before you get too touchy.

After all, we are in the UAE, and as liberated, welcoming and inclusive it is- we must still respect its people, culture and religious values.

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Yamalova covers a lot of other Frequently Asked Questions on her TikTok platform: topics like influencer licenses, smoking around children, and any other nitty-gritty specifics that the general public want clarification on

Follow her on this link for more.

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