Watch: The Story Of This Saudi Boy Who Was Once The Heaviest Teen On The Planet Is Beyond Inspiring


Khalid Bin Mohsen Shaari was said to be the heaviest person on the planet back in 2013, weighing in at around 610 kg with a BMI of 204! He hadn’t left his house for three years at this point! It is said that King Abdullah heard of his story and personally intervened to help the boy.

Popular TikToker Andy Jiang covered Khalid’s stories in one of his recent videos, and it’s beyond inspiring.

From being lifted out of his bedroom on a forklift to setting what could be a world record for the amount of weight lost, you’ve got to save this for the records.

@andyyjiang he lost OVER 1,000 pounds 😧 #weightloss #insane #saudiarabia #obese #inspiring #worldrecord ♬ original sound – Andy Jiang (YouTuber)


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