Is Going To Restaurants And Cafes The Only Way To Have Fun In Saudi?


With heaps of restaurants and cafes springing up across Saudi, especially in the big cities, people are starting to wonder:

“Are they the only fun hangouts for guys and girls here? Are weekend plans limited to going only to restaurants and cafes?”

Even though there has been a significant activity in the entertainment sector in Saudi, it has not always been consistent (*cough, COVID) and after the Saudi season, events and activities are divided over the year between different places in Saudi.

But at the same time, there are maaaany activities that you CAN do. For example, if we talk about JUST sports activities, you’ll have marine activities in cities near the coast, as well as golf and bowling places in the capital along with horseback riding to attending football matches. This article is the running proof that Saudi is so much more than cafes and restaurants.

Let’s see all the places and activities that we CAN do.. proving it’s not JUST cafes!

Let’s start with water sports and activities, there are HEAPS of options!

As you know beaches has alooot of activities to be done.. Swimming, diving, fishing, riding jet-skies and many more games.

The Red Sea and all its cities from Neom to Jazan have extraordinary places for diving, and to discover an awesome world filled with beauty of coral reefs and sea creatures.

The Eastern Region, the Arabian Gulf, and the wide sandy beaches, what’s better than to relax in it and get that sun-kissed tan? or water games?!

There are also many Bowling centers in every city and a fun schedule for you and your family and friends at all times!

Golf and horseback riding, you haven’t tried it yet? What are you waiting for?!

Shopping Centers and Traditional Markets, some amazing hidden gems you have yet to try

It’s true that guys stopped going to malls and shopping centers in general, but if we searched there’re many new shopping centers and shops that you may not have tried yet.

Traditional markets have a unique spark in every city, for example, Qaisariah Souq in Al-Ahsa has been renovated and has become one of the most famous traditional souq and a tourist attraction of the Eastern region.

Al Deira market in Riyadh, Al Balad in Jiddah, and every city has got its own beautiful market.

Cinemas are becoming even more popular they even play live sports now

Cinema locations are spreading quickly all over the Kingdom’s cities. In two years only we’ve got more than 26 locations in 8 cites and much more to come!

Let’s leave that now, who doesn’t like movies? Some cinemas here are even screening football matches, how epic is that?!

This other than all the shopping experiences and the kiosk that are found there, cinemas are truly a great lifestyle and entertaining that lasts for 24 hours in some places.

Parks and gardens; so pretty and perfect for a picnic

What’s nice about our cities parks and gardens, is that it is different in every city. If you come to the capital it has gardens in Wadi Hanifa, places that are wide and spacious for walks and suitable for picnics.

Gardens in Eastern regions and Jiddah have stunning sea view! In Southern cities, they overlook heights and beautiful landscapes and scenery that is suitable for all kinds of gatherings and even if you’re alone.

Desert hangouts and safaris are INCREDIBLE in Saudi

Desert hangouts are considered one of the best hangouts for some people especially in the winter, it just gives you this serenity and helps you escape from the city noise.

Most tourists who visit here have the desert set as one of their main destination to discover and it’s one of the main if not the most tourist attraction.

Especially that desert spots are many and diverse, and you can do lots of activities in it!

Saudi Seasons keeping us entertained with incredible events!

Saudi seasons are considered as a new experience for us here in Saudi Arabia, but as we said earlier all the events are part of the entertainment and the fun activities that we have here. From live shows to seasonal places, amusement parks, restaurants, cafes, concerts, and shopping offers.

Every area or city has its own season with specific time a year, 12 entertainment seasons over the year.

In the Eastern region, Riyadh, Al Ula, Al Diriyah, Al Sawda, Al Taif, and Jiddah are all amazing seasons that are worth the visit and to explore our beautiful cities!

Lastly, are restaurants and cafes really the only places to go to?

Restaurants and cafes are not the ONLY places that people can go to for a breather or hangouts

What we mentioned above is a small part from what is actually here in Saudi, and part of the country’s 2030 vision, in one of it’s 3 main goals to “have an active society” and what’s available now is only the beginning.

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