FACT CHECK: This Viral And INSANELY Wrapped GT-R Is Deffo NOT From Dubai 


Ahh if it’s fancy its gotta be from Dubai right??! Urmmm WRONG!

In this case, it’s hundo per cent wrong as the insane whip claimed to be “from Dubai” is in fact not from Dubai.

Post running a reverse search on the striking Nissan GT-R (that’s completely covered in a hallucinating gold and yellow wrap, making for a poppin’ glow-in-the-dark visual effect), we found that the images date back to 2013 and were popularized in China.

Regardless of the date and origin, you can’t deny that the sports car outlined with fluorescent tape outlining every crease is a pure showstopper.

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The exact same pictures of Godzilla were featured on 95octane back in 2014, and the supercar was referred to as an electric yellow TRON GT-R

The article went on to say, “We’re guessing its owner will have no trouble finding it in the garage,” and LOOOOL accurate!!

The snazzy ride looks like it would make for Class-A wingman/wingwoman

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