7 Times Emiratis Proved They Are One Of The Kindest People Ever


When it comes to compassion, Emiratis have got them in spades.

Dubai is one of the most incredible places to live in, and part of what makes this city so awesome is its locals who have always believed in giving it back to the society. 

There have been countless instances where the generosity displayed by Emiratis have saved the day. 

So, we thought it’s only fitting to take a moment to acknowledge this. Here are seven times when Emiratis were the most kind and generous people ever…

1. When an 18-year-old Emirati saved the lives of 100 people in Ajman

Ibrahim Murad Ali was driving in Ajman when he saw a fire break out at a construction company building in Al-Rawdah 3. 

Without wasting a second, he jumped into action, called the civil defence and ran to the building where he woke up the sleeping men by breaking the windows and doors of the building, and got them out safely. 

What a hero! 

2. When this Emirati hero rescued a drowning Filipino couple

The couple was at Al Loulouah beach in Khor Fakkan when their jet-ski upturned and they started to drown. 

The Emirati man was nearby when he heard their cries for help. He jumped into the water to help the couple not before calling 999 and providing the authorities with the exact location of the couple.

Needless too say, he saved their lives that day. 

Kor Fakkan

3. This random act of kindness by an Emirati to help a Kiwi couple on a foreign ground

Sarah and Nathan Chant were about to face deportation at a Ukraine airport after they realised they had left their wallet on the plane, and thus have no money to pay for their visa. 

It was Ebrahim, a Dubai-based Emirati man who stepped in to save the day by not only handing nearly AED 800 to the couple but also giving them a lift into the city and loaning them money for food and accommodation,

Faith in humanity restored! 

Screenshot 2017 07 26 08 13 04

4. Not just humans, they have helped save stray cats too

A helpless stray cat was stranded in the centre of two very busy roads when two Emirati men went above and beyond to help the feline. 

They braved the traffic to save the cat by using their caps to gently scoop her to safety. 

It was all caught on video and has been watched over 288,800 times. 

5. When an Emirati businessman paid AED100,000 to settle the financial dues of the prisoners so that they can go home

An Emirati businessman,Yaqoob Al Ali, brought joy on the faces of several prisoners when he cleared all their dues by paying AED100,000. The money was also used in paying for their travel expenses after they have served jail term.

What an incredible gesture that was. 

Yaqoob Al Ali Dubai Police

6. Who can forget the brave Emirati woman who risked her own life to save an Indian driver from flames

A 22-year-old Emirati woman was driving past an accident scene in Ras Al Khaimah when she saw the truck driver on fire. She stopped her car and helped extinguish the flames and save his life with an abaya. 

What a selfless act of courage!

Screen Shot 2017 10 01 At 2 39 05 Pm

7. When an Emirati employer bought a house for her Filipino nanny

A kind Emirati employer in Abu Dhabi thanked her Filipino nanny, Dina Tenerife Celo, by giving her AED 23,000 needed to build a two bedroom house back in her country.  

What a heartwarming gesture! Domestic workers really deserve our complete love and respect. 

Screen Shot 2018 01 13 At 22 07 35

Despite all that’s wrong with the world right now, it’s hard to deny that there are good people around too


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