Are this Emirati couple the coolest bride and groom ever?


Who doesn’t love a themed wedding? Nope, we can’t stand them either. But here’s one that we can’t help loving. 

Nadia Hussain, 29 and Salem Al Muraikhi, 32 have caused quite the social media stir with a video of part of their wedding, which pays homage to their love for biking.

The newly-weds, who are members of the Emirates Riders biking community, jumped on Harley-Davidson motorcycles, covered in wedding flowers of course, the bride still in her white wedding outfit, for a ride around the streets of Abu Dhabi. 

They left the ceremony at Al Raha Beach Hotel in Abu Dhabi, joined by 60 bikers from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Jordan, Oman, Germany, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Nadia told The National: “My husband and I love riding our bikes, and so after we had our traditional wedding on Thursday with family and friends, we had this second wedding with our biker friends,” says Nadia. “We wanted to do something different.”

The couple’s video on YouTube has had over one million views since Sunday, with many positive comments but an equal number of negative ones too, commenting on Nadia’s choice of clothes. The number of dislikes is four times the number of likes on the Youtube video.

Nadia said: “I am fully covered, from head to toe, and I have nothing to apologise for. There were other women bikers with us, but they only picked on me because I was wearing a hijab.”

Salem added: “How did you expect my wife to ride the bike? In a long dress or thoub? That is not possible. Social media is a sword with two sharp edges.” 

Salem says: “It can make you famous and infamous at the same time.”

“People will eventually lose interest and move on to the next viral video and forget about us. So we just have to be patient and not let this ruin our special time.”

Well, we think you’re total legends! 

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