Someone Has Gone And Decorated The UAE’s Famous Abandoned Plane


The abandoned airplane that sits on the Umm Al Quwain to Ras Al Khaimah highway has been given a new lease of life (kind of).

You’ll probably recognise this plane from the ‘gram.

Located next to the Barracuda Beach Resort in UAQ , the ‘Palma Beach Hotel’ branded plane reportedly landed unexpectedly in 1999 and never left.

With rumours of connections to an arms dealer; the legitimate history of the plane is unknown and it has sat stationary for nearly two decades

20190311 085851

Visitors are not permitted to access the plane

This week, an eagle-eyed resident noticed someone decorated the plane, with pastel and brightly coloured tents and reports suggest the set-up is part of a local art festival.

Img 4830

“I almost stopped on the road to go look inside this iconic aircraft!”

A Facebook user reported seeing the new design, “I saw this 2 weeks ago. They also put out 100 chairs and had a podium with someone speaking with a bunch of people. Even had the aircraft open to access. I almost stopped on the road to go look inside this iconic aircraft! Seems they left some of the decoration behind!”

Img 4832

A decade ago, people were permitted to access the plane

But authorities have now banned entry to the general public. The following images of the interior of the plane were snapped by UAE resident Paul Manning, back when entry was allowed. Amazing!

Img 4833
Img 4837
Img 4836

Still, the location is a popular spot for drivers to pull-in from the high-way and snap pics


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