4 Free Video Chatting Apps In The UAE To Talk To Your Loved Ones

Mayar Ibrahim

Being away from friends and family is tough, but the few things that help are definitely hearing their voice and seeing them. Well, there’s no better way to achieve those things than with free video chatting apps available in the UAE!

4. Catch up with your loved ones on BOTIM

This free video chatting app is similar to that of WhatsApp except you can actually call and video chat with your loved ones. BOTIM is one of the most popular internet calling apps in the UAE because it allows users to make HD video and voice calls internationally.

Moreover, you can use BOTIM to text, send vids and pics, voice note and make a group chat with up to 500 people. You can download BOTIM on your phone and laptop.

3. Another one of the free video chatting apps available in the UAE is Zoom

Send out a link and get ready to spend time catching up with your friends and fam. Zoom is available on both desktop and mobile. However, this is a small catch – you and your loved ones can speak freely for 40 minutes before the meeting times out.

2. Y’all know the infamous social media app TikTok, so you’ve heard of this popular calling app ToTok!

Free HD video and voice calling services for free. Talk to your loved ones with no time limit and no subscription necessary on ToTok. You can download the app on your phone.

1. Enjoy one-on-one calls with the people you love on Comera

Calls aren’t the only thing you can do on this free video chatting app, you can even text your loved ones and send images and videos. Download the app on your phone or laptop to get talking to your friends and fam.

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