The Animal Welfare Centre In RAK Is Doing Amazing Things For The Community

Aneesa Ahmed

Here are some good deeds happening in Ras al Khaimah that you NEED to hear about…


The projects launched by the RAK Animal Welfare Centre (RAKAWC) have been put in place to help the community, environment and animals.

The @RAKAWC are trying to raise awareness and understanding about several issues being faced within the community. They are ‘the voice for the voiceless’ and want you to get involved with the projects too!

1. Feeding Stations:

Feeding stations protect animals food from things like sand and dirt and can also provide them with shelter while eating. These stations will help to keep the environment clean, with the hopes of reducing plastic waste and littering.

The centre posted some lovely footage of kitties using their feeding stations around Al Hamra Village and the Khuzam area in RAK, which you can check out here. 😍


2. TNR (Trap, neuter, return):

The centre has also highlighted an importance to TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return), which is a ‘humane and effective way of helping reduce the population of feral cats’.

The process involves sterilising and clipping the ears of the animals which is necessary for identification. They are then released back to where they came from.

Not only will it reduce the amount of stray cats that are without food, water or shelter in the UAE heat; it also reduces common complaints about yowling, spraying and fighting.

You can learn more about these issues here.

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