Cinemas In The UAE Are Returning To Full-Capacity On February 15


When COVID hit and the UAE began closing entertainment facilities and gyms, it was goodbye to our beloved cinemas. They closed down in early March 2020 and with time, they slowly started to reopen but with major restrictions.

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Masks had to be worn at all times when the person was not eating or drinking and a safe distance was put in place.

The Media Regulatory Office of the Ministry of Culture and Youth announced today that cinemas in the UAE can return to maximum capacity from February 15

The full capacity in cinemas means no more gaps between the seats

The National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) stated that each emirate could tighten or amend the rules as it deems fit.

Earlier this month, public venues across the country also returned to full capacity. Restrictions of capacity on all activities in the UAE in various economic, entertainment facilities, shopping centres and modes of transportation have seen a gradual lift. Thus, all venues will be allowed to function at maximum capacity and this includes weddings and funerals as well.

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