Dubai Is Obsessed With This Content Creator Who Will Genuinely Have You Laughing Out Loud!


Funny, relatable, APT, current, witty and simply GENIUS: Anil Lobo, 27, is serving up some quality content with a relatability factor that’s far too HIGH. No cap🧢🧢🧢

Originally from India, Lobo has been in Dubai for only 9 months, but one sneak peek at his content, and you can tell that the funny man already has the city figured to the T.

It’s almost as if Lobo sprung up overnight and took our social media feeds by storm! His videos take the mick out of everything from cloud seeding, getting lost at the Burjuman Metro Station, missing exits on SZR to brunches in Dubai, jobs and the weather… a content king in every sense. 👑

When asked how he got into content creating, Lobo explained that he “just loves acting and performing arts; been doing theatre for 7 years and overall content creation through plays, script writing or Youtube video for the past 14 years”

Currently, the Mumbai University graduate works as a Content Creator for Rayna Tours in Dubai.


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This is one rabbit hole you deffo want to be spiralling down during your lunch breaks😅

They say it takes a village: Lobo is assisted by Suchita Ojha, Sandra D’Mello and Jimson Sabu when filming his comical skits. 


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