Why You Need To Try Kayaking In RAK At Least Once

Aneesa Ahmed
Kayaking RAK

Why You Need To Try Kayaking In RAK At Least Once

Prepare yourself for a ‘mesmerising view’ whilst kayaking for only 20 AED in Ras al Khaimah!


Surrounded by gorgeous scenery and a glistening body of water as the sun sets over the horizon

Residents are sharing how much they love kayaking in Ras al Khaimah all over social media. A video shared on YouTube yesterday describes the experience very positively with its ‘mesmerising view’ and ‘sunset’. The creator goes on to say ‘See.. this is life’ whilst kayaking over GORGEOUS blue water in RAK. It goes without saying that you can really take time to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings whilst floating through the water.

Other people took to TikTok to share their experiences of kayaking in the Emirate; with many of them loving the prices. It costs 20 AED for a single kayak for an hour, but 40 AED for 3 hours. You can get more information about the location and costs here.

Savings and a work-out! Love it!


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You’ll be excited to learn that RAK has LOADS of new projects on the way. Ones that will get your heart beating and you SCREAMING!

The Ras al Khaimah Tourism Authority (RAKTDA) has confirmed that the Emirate is adding way more cool stuff to do; from adrenaline filled activities to peaceful camping trips – so you’ll be spoilt for choice as the weather cools down. Stunning vibes!

Take a look at this list and choose what amazing new RAK adventure you’ll be going on next…


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