The Registration Deadline For UAE’s Mandatory Insurance Scheme Has Been Extended


Great news for employees in the UAE! The deadline to sign up for the National Unemployment Insurance Scheme has been extended by three months. So, if you haven’t registered yet, don’t panic – you have more time. Previously, fines were set to kick in from July 1 for those who failed to register by the end of June.

However, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has announced that fines will now only be issued starting from October 1. Failing to sign up before the updated deadline will result in fines of AED400.

The mandatory Unemployment Insurance Scheme covers both federal and private sector workers, including UAE citizens and residents

However, certain categories are exempt, such as company owners, domestic staff, temporary contract workers, individuals under 18 years old, and retirees who are already receiving a pension but have returned to work.

The subscription fee is:

  • AED5 per month for workers earning basic monthly salaries of AED16,000 or less
  • AED10 per month for those earning more

Workers have the option to subscribe to additional insurance benefits as well.

Make sure to complete the registration process conveniently through the website before the new deadline to avoid any unnecessary penalties

BTW to be eligible for compensation in case of job loss, you must be registered in the scheme for at least 12 consecutive months. Additionally, you must submit a compensation application within 30 days of leaving work, provided your employment wasn’t terminated due to disciplinary reasons, you haven’t resigned, and your compensation request is genuine.

Keep in mind that compensation payments will be suspended once you start a new job or leave the country. So, take advantage of this extension and secure your financial well-being by signing up for the UAE Unemployment Insurance Scheme.

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