This Is How Delivery Drivers In The UAE Receive Your Tips Via Food Delivery Apps


Dubai’s generous community is known for constantly giving back and lending a helping hand in whichever and whatever way possible.

That said, the general public often ponders the authenticity of charities, donations, tipping systems or contributions and attempt to seek answers to verify that their money is going to the right and deserving recipients.

And with a shift to e-wallets and cashless payments, consumers are more likely to electronically tip or bank transfer donations than pay in cash. Hence, if you were wondering what happens when you TIP a delivery driver through on-demand food delivery apps, then here’s the lowdown:

Talabat shed light on the tipping system and affirmed that “riders do receive 100% of all tips given by customers via the app”

A spokesperson for the online food ordering company elaborated that,

“Our most recent update ensures that tips are instantly paid to Rider App Wallet, on the same day, which provides riders with full visibility of customer tips received in real-time.”

Food delivery apps in Dubai give customers the option to tip riders for as low as AED2

Adding to the affordability factor of tipping, customers can choose to tip a minimum of AED2 or tip an amount of their choice

FYI, food aggregators in the region provide delivery riders with dedicated channels for them to voice their concerns or feedback.

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