UAE Residents Are Keeping Up With The Depp V Heard Trial And Have Mixed Opinions


Everybody knows the iconic Johnny Depp! He was our childhood (literally in all the movies we love!) like Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Mortdecai, Edward Scissorhands and so much more!

Lately, the actor has been all over the news because he’s suing his ex-wive Amber Heard, who appeared in the movie Aquaman. He’s suing the actress for defamation over an Op-Ed she wrote. He’s claiming it’s about him when she never wrote his name (but it’s implied).

Recently, the pair has been under the spotlight, claiming the other had abused them.

The Depp V Heard trial is being aired live and UAE residents have their own opinions

It’s week 5 in the 6 week-long trial and the buzz has not died down yet!

People are either watching the trial live or catching the snippets on social media. Let us tell you, the snippets of Amber’s displeased face, and the lawyer’s constant “objection” have been such a trend on social media.

Dubai residents can’t get enough of the trial!

But some have had enough with their feed being made up entirely of the trial (it may be a while)

Johnny Depp leaves the courthouse waving to crowds of fans almost every day and it’s obvious who the public is rooting for!

It’s THAT entertaining! Camille Vazquez absolutely killed the cross-examination of Amber Heard

The entire case can be summed up with “Objection, your honour, hearsay.”

The trial has been LONG and opened cans of worms but it’s coming to a close

Soon enough the jury will decide if Amber Heard is guilty of defaming her ex Johnny Depp. Whatever the result, most are assuming that Amber is not the victim she claims to be and that’s what’s going to remain on people’s minds.


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