UAE Women Drivers Are Statistically Better Than Men


Drivers take notes!

A RoadSafetyUAE report proves women in the UAE are statistically better drivers than men.

The road safety platform created the report to mark International Women’s Day, they asked, ‘‘Who are the better drivers, females or males?” and the accompanying survey proves some interesting insights.

UAE women drivers are involved in less road accidents than men

The survey showed, in the last six months, 21% of women have been involved in road accidents versus 26% of males. (Scary stat either way, tbh.)

And over the last eight years, women were involved in less road accidents than men with an average 8% difference, year on year.

“Female drivers often don’t receive the due appreciation of their driving behavior. Gender prejudice still seems to play a role”



UAE women drivers trump men in many aspects of road safety

79% females versus 75% males own proper child restraint systems.
And 84% females over 70% males actually use these child restraint systems
(Child restraints are required by law, ownership and usage should be 100%)

Females are more confident about which seats are children’s seats.
17% of females know it’s less safe to keep children on laps of adults versus 26% of males

Indicators – women know who to use ’em!

Indicating more practical road knowledge, 71% of ladies ‘always’ use their indicator when changing lanes, taking an exit, merging onto a highway, turning at a junction, versus 65% of males.
(Using an indicator is 100% required by all road users)

Main findings from the report on driving in the UAE


• Have less accidents than male drivers
• Enjoy driving less
• Fall less often but more severely into road rage
• Understand seat belts better, but use them less when they drive, more when passengers
• Understand, own and use child seats better
• Tailgate less
• Use mobile phones less
• Speed less – 26% of women have fines in the last six months versus 20% of males
• Indicate more
• ‘Running late’ is one of the primary reasons female drivers disobey road laws

Reports from RoadSafetyUAE

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